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Key West Facials

FlowerGenics Facial $80
A traditional European facial using products from flower petals.

European Facial $100
After a relaxing cleanser and facial scrub, a smooth paste is spread evenly over your skin. Impurities are removed and your skin is revitalized. Moisturizer is applied.

Power Paraffin Facial $150
After a natural cleansing, a powerful Vitamin C serum is applied followed by a warm, paraffin mask. Relax while facial destroys free radicals, stimulates collagen and cell rejuvenation and hydrates the skin. Paraffin is removed and fine lines diminish.

Cryogenic Facial $120
A European facial with an algae based mask which peels away damaged skin. Choose from Skin Lightening, Dead Sea Mineral, Hydrating, Bio Marine and Spirulina.


Microdermabrasion $150
A medical machine uses diamond crystals to abrasively scrape off the top two layers of the epidermis and a vacuum to clean debris from the pores. Package of 4 is $500.

Chemical Peel $150
An intensive treatment designed to rapidly exfoliate the epidermis. Reduces scars and fine lines. Clarifies complexion and improves hyper pigmentation caused by photo-damage, hormones and acne.

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Spa Body Treatments

Key West beach massages


Swedish Massage 50 min. $100
Relax with a massage of long gentle stokes reducing tension and stress. 25 min. $50

Deep Tissue Massage 50 min. $120
The long gentle strokes of a Swedish massage with a deep pressure to relieve tightness and soreness. 25 min. $60

Key West beach massages

Special Couples Rec Massage Class
One Hour $200

Couples Massage $250

Reiki Ritual $120
A deeply relaxing healing art that can alleviate pain and discomfort. It has been known to allow healing and restoration to the mind, body and spirit. Reiki aids in stress relief and provides a sense of balance and well being. Choose from guided imagery, crystal therapy and sound therapy.

Melissa’s Massage $360
The ultimate 3 hour massage begins with a full body Aromatherapy massage adding Lymphatic strokes to flush toxins from the body. Hot stones are placed on the chakras of the body during a Balinese massage. Stones are replaced with Cupping while Shiatsu and NeuroMuscular strokes are applied. Lypossage strokes then reduce cellulite. Then Hot bamboo sticks are used to massage the entire body followed by Reflexology of the hands and feet and scalp. The massage ends with Thai stretching. Add Raindrops for $50.

50 min/$130 -- 80 min/$195 -- 25 min/$65

Neuromuscular Massage
Focusing on one body part to work out tightness and tension.

The long gentle strokes of a Swedish massage using positioning more comfortable for the mother-to-be.

Hot Bamboo
Warm sticks of bamboo massage the body using Swedish stokes to push and roll bamboo along the body. The warmth of the bamboo allows massage into the deep layers of muscles thus relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and accelerating the healing process.

Hot Stone
Enjoy the warmth as hot volcanic river stones are massaged into the deep layers of muscles thus relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and accelerating the healing process.

Employs the natural healing art of massaging the reflexes of the feet, hands, head, and ears and thereby increasing the natural function of the corresponding glands and organs.

A gentle massage which is intended to encourage natural circulation of the lymph from the body.

A technique added to the end of any massage to release tension and tightness. Great when added to shiatsu, neuromuscular and myofascial.

A combination of 5 different stokes including acupressure, skin rolling, Swedish strokes and tapotement.

Improves circulation, muscle tone and Lymph congestion thus improving the structure of skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This technique addresses the immobility of the muscle. By stretching the fascia, a thin tissue that covers all the organs of the body including muscle, and equalizing muscle tension which can compress nerves and limit range of motion, posture and mobility can improve.

Gently works the spine, scull and cranial sutures by easing the restrictions of the nerve passages and increasing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal chord. Improves neck & back pain, migraines and chronic pain conditions.

An energizing yet relaxing massage where the therapist uses her body to move you into a series of yoga-like poses, increasing muscle compression and joint mobilization.

Japanese for finger pressure, this technique applies pressure and circular movements along the meridians of the body using the therapists’ fingers and palms.

Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop Therapy uses essential oils derived from plants, flowers, bark, and shrubs used for all systems of the body. The treatment will promote a feeling of contentment, deep relaxation, openness, a visible elongation of the spine, and sometimes a feeling of expansion.  The life force of the plants combines their frequency with the body to create a greater healing process. Hot towels applied on the back after all the oils are applied and massaged into the spine and covered with a blanket. The body reacts due to toxins in the body and skin. Oils will continue to work in the body for about 5 to 7 days after the treatment.

Add Aromatherapy to any massage for an additional $20. Add Raindrop Therapy $30. Massages are available in our indoor spa or on the beach, under the beach gazebo. Beach massage additional $20.


Body Polish $100
Give your skin a healthy glow. A creamy granular scrub is applied all over the body to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Facials in Key West

Dead Sea Salt Glow $100
A mixture of scented oils and Dead Sea Salts stimulate circulation, soften dry areas and leave the skin satin-smooth.



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Body Wraps

Add cellulite treatment to any body treatment for only $20

Hydrating Sun Soother $100
Cooling water lily mask hydrates and soothes sun weathered skin.

Algae Body Wrap $100
Detoxify and remineralize your skin. A warm algae, rich in iodine and proteins is applied and the body is wrapped for 25 minutes. Excellent for detoxification.

Herbal Body Wrap $100
Warm bandages are soaked in an infusion of Allspice, Lavender, Calendula Petals, Clove, Eucalyptus, Ginger Root and Rosemary and wrapped around the body. A thermal suit keeps the body warm.

Sea Clay Body Wrap $100
A Sea Clay mixture of Algae, Seaweed and Sea Clay is applied to the body to tighten and cleanse the skin. A thermal cocoon keeps the body warm.

Detoxifying Paraffin Mask $150
Mineral rich oil is applied to the skin. Introduces detoxifying minerals by applying a warm thick layer of paraffin wax and wrapping the body in a warm thermal blanket.  

Wraps products can be applied as a contour body wrap
for an additional $25

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Electrolysis and Permanent Hair Removal


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Eyebrows, Lip or Chin $20 ea
Full Face $50
Underarms or Arms $50
Back, Chest, Bikini $100
Upper or Lower Legs $50

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Hand and Foot Treatment

Key West pedicures

Paradise Manicure $40
A hand salt glow buffs off rough skin, followed by a luxurious hand massage. Cuticles are conditioned and nails shaped and polished. Add paraffin wax for $20.

Paradise Pedicure $50
Soak your feet in the warm jets of the foot spa while your feet are pampered and polished. ½ Hour

Peppermint Pedicure $80
Relieve your tired, ache feet by soaking with eucalyptus foot soak. Followed by an exfoliation and peppermint foot scrub leaving feet tingly and soft. A peppermint foot mask sooths tired feet. Paraffin foot mask warms the feet. Cuticles and nails are groomed and polished and finished with a foot massage and foot spray. One Hour

Add paraffin to any pedicure for only $20.
Add hot stones for only $20.
Add ionized detox for $20.

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Key West massage

Paradise Package
Body Scrub, Body Wrap, Facial, Pedicure, Manicure, and Massage
3 hours $400

Custom Package
Body Wrap, Body Scrub, Facial, Pedicure and Manicure, Massage
Choose 2 for $200
Choose 3 for $270
Choose 4 for $320

Any 10 massages $800

Ask about our spa membership for great discounts!

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Additional Services

Face Applications

Permanent Makeup $900 ea

Lip, Eyes or Brows



Buff and Bronze Self Tan $150
Ear Candling $20/each
Intuitive Readings $100


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